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    These brands have the Future Consultants stamp of approval for work ethic and professionalism!

    “Don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create it.” ~ Rico León

    GROW YOUR BRAND - The Future Consultants can help grow your relationships and take your brand to the next level.

    REACH YOUR GOALS - The Future Consultants help you reach your business goals and help you grow your team.

    BIG MARKETING IDEAS - Develop a large physical and online presence. The Future Consultants help drive more sales and leads.


    Denver Business Owner

    If you're looking for someone who has their finger on the pulse of the current markets, Rico is your man. My wife and I have connected with Rico a few times, and I'm always blow away by his input for our market (marketing and advertising). His business mind, charisma and strategies always leave us charged up with a great game plan moving forward. I would highly recommend connecting and getting to know Rico, as he is the best in the industry at what he does.

    Brent Ford

    Rico has amazing positive energy, and is a great net worker. He works extremely hard at what he does, and he truly wants to help you and your business become successful. He is full of great ideas, and has the experience to help you put your business plan into action.

    Bruce Aaron

    Rico has a comprehensive understanding of business development and branding. He is great to work with for business growth and is positive and passionate about what he does for other businesses…

    Travel EnTOURage

    Next Strategic Technologies

    Rico has been fantastic to work with! Not only does he take the time to understand our industry, he also provides valuable feedback that has proven results!!

    Nick Bull Strategic Advisor

    The Chance Dunston Agency - Farmers Insurance

    Rico has been integral in helping me start my business. His strategies have worked wonders for my staff and me.

    Chance Dunston Insurance Agent

    Your Castle Real Estate

    Rico and his team are truly the best mentors and consultants I have encountered. When it comes to doing professional business in the Denver market, they know how to bring the right people together to accomplish even the largest of projects. I am grateful to be connected with such a team of true and trusted professionals and look forward to working with them for years to come!

    Athena Brownson Licensed Realtor

    Affordable American Insurance

    I met with Rico just over two weeks ago for a consult. I HAVE BEEN BUSY EVER SINCE!!! Rico is the best at getting your motivated, coming up with the right strategies, and moving you in the right direction toward your goals. Do yourself and your business and favor and get in touch with him NOW!!!

    Toby Espinoza Insurance Agent

    Rico is an absolute game changer when it comes to strategizing your business. While speaking a multitude of industry languages, Rico can help implement and execute your goals to achieve tangible results. While working to the advantages of both micro and macro ecosystems, Rico is has the ability to analyze multiple layers of data and effectively put it to work. On a personal level, Rico operates with fire and energy and ignites a visceral enthusiasm into everyone around him. I feel blessed to have been given an opportunity to work with Rico and look forward to the continual accomplishments he will help me obtain.

    Lisa Reyna

    The Future Consultants has helped revolutionize our business. They're our secret weapon that I want all my friends to know about but none of my competitors. If you want to push your business years ahead of the competition, start a conversation with Rico and you'll be on your way.

    Matt Danskin

    Meet Rico León

    Founder of the Future Consultants Company and the Future Networker YouTube podcast channel, Rico León is a loud, outgoing, successful networking wizard taking over the beautiful melting pot that is Denver, Colorado. Hailing from the East Coast, he was traveling to California two short years ago when his car broke down in Denver. He loved the city so much that he decided to make it his home. A Puerto Rican raised in Pittsburgh PA, his blue-collar heavy surroundings cultivated his enthusiastic work ethic and success.

    Rico’s strength lies in his ability to put himself in the position of whoever he is talking with, no matter the industry. His goal is to bring in business in a personalized unique way by leveraging a person’s network, abilities and strengths. He has doubled a company’s yearly goals in under 90 days, and has already consulted over 60 clients since starting his business.

    In His Words

    “A huge reason I am so accomplished is mostly the reason why I do what I do. My real “why” is making other people’s “why” come true. I have always had the ability to sell someone better than they can sell themselves and to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

    Networking is such a huge part of what we do to build our own brand. Add value. Create relationships. Bring in business.”

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